Taste and refinement

“The kitchen itself is science. It’s up to the cook to make it become art.”
Gualtiero Marchesi

It is precisely in the words of Gualtiero Marchesi that Chef Michele Corazza finds the inspiration behind the creation of the dishes offered in the Osteria dal Minestraio menu.

For over 20 years, the Minestraio’s kitchen has as its fulcrum the maximum attention in the search for the seasonality of the raw materials, in order to offer its customers selected meats and a freshly caught fish, worked directly to obtain a high quality final product.

A gastronomic proposal that has been able to evolve and keep up with the times, offering timeless classics, sometimes reworking them, and innovative dishes, in order to satisfy and amaze a clientele that, over the years, has known the kitchen of the Minestraio and if it is fallen in love.

Chef michele corazza osteria dal minestraio

Chef Michele Corazza

Michele Corazza was born in 1964 in Medicina, in the lower Bologna area, a land of rice and chef (like Bruno Barbieri). At the age of fourteen, after completing compulsory education, he left for Rimini, where he graduated in cooking and pastry.

After completing his studies, he began his experience as a cook around northern Italy, between Turin, the Valtellina and the Dolomites, which will last 15 years, during which he will never abandon the desire to return to the Romagna Riviera.

In September 1995 he moved to Bologna, his native land, and opened in Pianoro, together with a partner, the first Osteria dal Minestraio, characterized by a menu focused mainly on “soups”, offering a studied selection of first courses of the Emilian tradition.

Shortly afterwards, in May 1996, he decided to open a second Osteria in Riccione, a stone’s throw from the sea, where he would stabilize permanently, leaving the Bologna office a few years later and becoming a partner of Alessandro Stecca in 2001.

The gastronomic proposal of the new Osteria dal Minestraio, under his supervision, grows, starting to propose, in addition to the first, a careful selection of meats that have distinguished it for over 10 years. Since 2010, the restaurant also introduces a fish cuisine, initially offering the classics of Romagna cuisine, and then evolving and specializing in the raw and in the catch of the day, which are now the highlight of the restaurant.

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